Teresa Hall, OT

Teresa Hall, OT

Occupational Therapy

With more than fifteen years of experience with the chronic pain population, Teresa’s focus is on activities of daily living, work, and leisure by utilizing EMG, biofeedback, TENS unit, ice massage and life management strategies. She also administers cranial sacral therapy and pelvic floor treatment for appropriate patients. Teresa’s primary goal is to get the patient back to activities the patient wants to do with as little pain as possible.


1989-1991 Indiana University – Purdue University
Indianapolis, IN
Bachelor of Science
Major: Occupational Therapy


2013-Present Indiana Polyclinic
Indianapolis, IN

2006-2013 Meridian Health Group
Carmel, IN

1996-2006 Community Hospital
Hook’s Out Patient Pain Medicine Center
Indianapolis, IN

1995-1996 The Zollman Center For Plastic and Hand Surgery
Indianapolis, IN

1991-1996 Work-Fit Industrial Rehabilitation Clinic
Speedway, IN


2006 & 2007 Indiana University Occupational Therapy
School for Physical Disabilities class
“Occupations of Adolescents and Adults”


2005 Clinical Instructor for Indiana University
Occupational Therapy Student Field Work
Level II

2006 Clinical Instructor for Indiana University
Occupational Therapy Student Field Work
Level I and II


American Occupational Therapy


2007 Sacral I

2006 Move Beyond Pain: The Art of Pain Free Movement
8th Annual Update in HA and Pain Management: A Review Course for Clinicians

2005 Managing Difficult Patient Situations

2004 Stress, Depression and Pain
Acute and Chronic Pain: Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

2003 American Headache Society:
45th Annual Scientific Meeting Chronic Pain, Headache and EMG Biofeedback

2002 Pain Control: Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Chronic Pain and Sore Feet

2001 Basic Training of Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
A Practical Approach to Electrical Stimulation: Part One
A Practical Approach to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

1998 Managing Fibromyalia: Assessment and Treatment
The 1998 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Southern Pain Society

1997 Design and Implementation of Group Therapy Programs
Threshold: Biofeedback Society of Indiana

1996 Listening to the Body

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