Rejuvenate the Body

Stem Cell Therapy and Its Use in Rejuvenating the Body
Stem Cell Therapy and Its Use in Rejuvenating the Body

Dull hair, skin, and nails. Wrinkles and sagging skin. Reduced energy. Aches and pains in your joints. If you’re like most people, you equate these conditions with the aging process. They’re part and parcel of life – something to be endured. While that might have been true in the past, promising new techniques offer us the ability to fight back against these conditions and rejuvenate the body. There is a chance that you can gain more energy, improve the condition and feel of your skin, and even look more youthful and feel healthier.

Chronic Conditions That Affect Americans Today

The American population suffers from a wide range of chronic conditions today that do not necessarily equate to medical emergencies, but nevertheless reduce our quality of life, and even our ability to live life on our own terms.


Fatigue is perhaps the most common such condition. We’re all tired. Our hectic, fast-paced lives leave little opportunity for downtime. We’re constantly on the go. All that running about saps our energy. Compound this issue with nutrient-deficient diets and a steady stream of caffeine, and the result is that we’re tired all the time.


As we age, we also lose muscle strength and physical stamina. We are no longer able to do as much as we once did, and just trying can lead to serious injury and strain. Not only do our muscles lose strength, but our very bones can begin to weaken and our joints become inflamed and painful to move.

Skin Health

The slow reduction in skin health and appearance is another chronic condition that affects Americans. Exposure to pollutants and irritants, sun damage, the use of cosmetics, and a poor diet lead to age spots, redness, blotchy skin, thickening skin, and other problems that make us look older and less healthy.

These are just some examples of the chronic conditions that affect us today. Again, these may not be medical emergencies, but they are no less important. They impact how we feel and how we act toward others. They dictate what we are able to do, and have a significant effect on our overall quality of life.

What Causes These Conditions?

If asked what caused these chronic conditions, most people would say “aging”. However, what is aging? Is it the simple passage of time that somehow robs us of our youth and vigor? Actually, it is not aging so much as it is the reduction in stem cells within our bodies over time. As the number of stem cells decreases, and the effectiveness of remaining stem cells degrades, signs of aging appear. Our faces become lined. Our skin sags. Our energy levels drop. Our joints degenerate. One answer could be stem cell therapy. Fewer stem cells in the body, which happens with aging, deplete body ability to regenerate and revitalize itself. Slowing this process likely depends on maintaining a healthy population of stem cells.

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells have been heavily researched for decades at this point. They are being studied for their ability to treat conditions like arthritis, to help heart attack patients heal, to treat autoimmune disorders, and more. They can also help with whole body rejuvenation.

Stem cells are the building blocks of the human body. During development in the womb, stem cells are present and begin to differentiate into other types of cells – liver, lung, heart, bone, and brain cells, for instance.

Not only are stem cells the progenitor of all other cell types, but they are also the key to your body’s ability to heal damage and regenerate itself. Obviously, as stem cells begin to die off and their effectiveness decreases, your body is no longer able to repair damage as well, and its regenerative capabilities slow down.

This is what is behind the aging process. Your body’s stem cells are simply no longer able to keep up with the repairs and regeneration necessary.

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help?

Stem cell therapy for rejuvenation can help address a very wide range of age-related conditions, as well as chronic conditions like arthritis, back pain and even diabetes. The key to this lies in stem cells’ ability to reduce inflammation. Many chronic conditions that affect human beings are related to inflammation of some type. For instance, pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. Eczema is the result of autoimmune-related inflammation in the skin. Tendonitis is the result of inflamed connective tissue. Allergic reactions involve inflammation. The list goes on. Stem cell therapy helps reduce the inflammation that causes these conditions.

However, stem cell therapy goes deeper than merely helping to combat inflammation. By introducing more stem cells into the body, you can enjoy a higher rate of healing and regeneration. More stem cells in the blood stream means that those cells will differentiate into the types of cells needed for repair – lung cells, skin cells, heart tissue, muscle tissue, bone, and even connective tissue.

Types of Stem Cells

Two types of stem cells are used for rejuvenation therapy – autologous and allogeneic. Autologous stem cells are your own cells. They are usually harvested from fat tissue, and are cultured in a lab. Then, they’re reintroduced to your body. The problem with this is that your own stem cells are as old as your body. They lack energy, and are not particularly able to differentiate into other tissue types. They also carry damage sustained from a lifetime of exposure to pollutants, toxins, heavy metals, and even radiation.

Allogeneic stem cells are harvested from umbilical cord blood and tissue. These cells are very young, which means they are highly energetic. They are also pluripotent stem cells, meaning that they are immature and easily able to change into whatever type of cell is necessary for healing and regeneration. Finally, they’re invisible to the immune system, meaning there is less chance for an immune reaction.

Choosing a Medical Practitioner

When choosing a medical practitioner, it is important to ensure you choose one well-versed in the use of allogeneic stem cells, rather than autologous stem cells. Of course, the physician should also have significant experience in delivering stem cell therapy for rejuvenation.


Stem cell therapy may be able to help you improve your energy levels and well-being. However, understand that there are currently no FDA-approved stem cell treatments in the US. Any such therapies are only experimental.


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